Volunteer Forms

If your volunteer activity will include any instances where you are alone with students, for example, tutoring, mentoring, or volunteer coaching, you will need to follow the "I want to volunteer"  link below to use our new process for background checks.  Anyone living outside the state of WA will also need to click the link below. There will be a $5 charge for this service as we are using a third party to conduct background checks for those types of volunteers. If you go through the online site, you do not need to fill out and submit the regular volunteer packet listed. You will also need to follow the link below the box to read and sign the Port Townsend staff protocol information. 
If you will not be volunteering in any of the instances mentioned above, please download and complete the regular volunteer packet.

Volunteer Now!!

To read District staff protocol information click here.
Volunteer Driver forms are under Departments-Transportation