Continuous Learning

Last Update: May 8, 2020

This page describes how Port Townsend School District is moving forward with continuous learning. When the governor first ordered public and private schools to shut down, we were to provide enrichment activities for students. Monday, April 6, Governor Inslee extended the school closure through June 19, 2020. Schools are now expected to provide continuous learning through that time. 

Since the official closure of school on March 17th, the district calendar was changed to extend the school year through June 19th. The shift in our district’s calendar has given us time to develop our distance learning plan, and will mean that there are now scheduled school days May 22, and June 15-19. 

Starting this week, our schools will plan and deliver new content in multiple ways so all students can access learning.  This may include printed learning materials, phone calls, email, technology-based instruction, or a combination. 

We realize that home-based learning is not the same as in-person teaching.  There will be some hurdles. Many siblings share devices, reliable internet service is not always available, and some parents are working while their children are trying to complete assignments or activities.  Some students have multiple roles at home. We will give our students plenty of grace during this time. This is new for all of us, and it will require some patience as we adapt. 

What is Continuous Learning?

The term “continuous learning” means establishing and maintaining connections with students and families to provide learning materials and support using a variety of modalities (e.g., email, phone, printed learning materials, and available online platforms).

It is:

It is not:

Weekly lessons and activities, consisting of digital and non-digital materials, which students work on independently and submit to their teacher

A replacement for normal daily instruction and the rich experience that occurs within the school face-to-face

A model of instruction that can occur at any time-students self-pace their learning once teachers share resources

An online school

Teacher communicates through SeeSaw, Google Classroom, email, phone, and ZOOM

Daily live virtual lessons

Teacher offers online office hours and/or telephone feedback for students

Only digital learning

What should I be doing?

Since we will be engaging in continuous distance learning through the end of the school year it is important that students engage with the learning provided to continue making progress academically and for high school students to earn credits towards graduation.

Students Should

Families Should

Check SeeSaw/Google Classroom each week and complete assignments

Support a daily home schedule for instruction (see below)

Connect with your teacher(s) at least once a week via email, SeeSaw/Google Classroom, or Zoom.

Provide a space for students to learn and complete work

Reach out to your teacher if you need support or have questions

Connect with your child’s teacher(s) once a week via email, phone, SeeSaw/Google Classroom.

Complete other learning activities, such as reading or accessing online resources

Help your student have a plan for managing passwords and logins for their online learning accounts.

What should I expect?

Learning activities will be posted weekly in an online classroom. If you or your student don’t know how to access the online classroom please contact the teacher. Teachers will post schedules in the online classroom so parents know when there are live remote class meetings and teacher office hours. 

Pre K






Online Classroom

SeeSaw or Google Classroom

Google Classroom

Daily Learning Time

30 minutes: 5-10 minutes at a time

45 minutes: 5-10 minutes at a time

60 minutes: 10-15 minutes at a time

90 minutes: 20 minutes at a time

3 hours:

20 minutes at a time

4 hours: 40 minutes per class


30 minutes reading together

30 minutes independent reading

Physical Activity

30 minutes of physical activity

Sample Daily Learning Schedule: 




8:00 am


Share the schedule for the day with your child.

9:00 am

Learning time

Review lessons, use online or paper learning resources

11:30 am

Take a break

Go outside and take a walk, practicing social distancing.


Lunch time

Talk with your family about what was learned earlier in the day.

1:00 pm

Continued learning time

Reading time

Secondary students continue with teacher assignments.

Elementary students read aloud or read to self.

2:30 pm

Math practice or do the lesson provided by your teacher

For practice, there are several online math games, even on the cell phone.

3:15 pm

Snack break

On your own time, give your adult a break.

3:45 pm

Explore something you have always wanted to learn about

Use your computer, science channel on the TV, or cell phone to learn something new.

5:00 pm

Your time

Do something fun.

6:00 pm


Share something you learned when you explored an interest earlier in the day.

7:00 pm

Get some exercise


Dance in the front room or go outside.

Get out the games.

I Need Help 

If you have questions about your student’s learning, your student needs a chrome book or the internet at home, or your student needs help accessing weekday free breakfast and lunch please reach out and let us know.

Who Should I Contact?

Salish Coast

Blue Heron



Classroom Teacher

Advisory Teacher

Conferencing Teacher

School Counselor for technology or meals

Each Course Teacher for Learning Help

Grading During Closure

All students are expected to engage in learning, and course work through June 19, 2020. Students will move on to the next grade, unless by mutual agreement between parents/guardians, teachers, and school administration that they agree to repeat a grade level.

Pre K - 5

Grades 6 - 8

Grades 9 - 12

Students will receive performance-based feedback that addresses students’ successes and areas needing growth.

Students will receive performance-based feedback that addresses students’ successes and areas needing growth.

Students will earn grades and will have time to improve their grades at the time of school closure (March 17, 2020) by completing weekly activities assigned by their teachers.

Student can recieve an A, B, C, D or Incomplete. See the high school website for details.

We had previously communicated students would be earning credit (C) or no credit (NC), which is no longer the case. OSPI has provided new additional guidance on high school grading on the evening of April 21, 2020.  

Internet and Devices

If your family needs a chromebook or help getting internet access please contact your teacher so we can add you to our list of families needing support to get home internet service.

We are working with community agencies to provide home internet through hotspots, and other services may be able to be provided to some families who can not afford these services. 

We are working to expand the reach of our school district wifi outside of our schools so that it is easier for families to access from a vehicle. Outside of all of our school buildings families may access the wifi. There is also free wifi available at the City and County Libraries, and PUD office at four corners. We are continuing to work with the Jefferson County PUD and other agengiences to increase the number of free wifi hotspots in our community.

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