Business Forms

Useful forms for District staff:

3 - Incident/Accident Report Form
     (To report any incidents/accidents in or around district property or vehicles;
      note that this is NOT the form used to report employee Workers Comp injuries)

3 - Student Travel Authorization/Transportation Request (Field Trips, etc.)
       (All field trips must be approved by Superintendent; Board approval required for overnight trips)

3 - Employee Reimbursement Claims - Non-Travel
      (Form used to request reimbursement for non-travel related out-of-pocket expenditures)
3 - Employee Reimbursement Claims - Local Mileage [Blue form]
      (E.G.: use for mileage reimbursement not associated with overnight-travel)
3 - Donation Form
      (Use this form to relay information about a donation received to the Supt's Office)
PT Travel Expense Voucher.xls
(Excel form for travel reimbursement, please note the two tabs; 1st for overnight and mileage, 2nd for day travel/meals.  NOTE: if submitting electronically, submit to your supervisor who will then forward to Dawn in Accounts Payable.  Please use the following link for determining your meal reimbursement in Washington State: 
When traveling out of state, please use the following link:
For questions about travel reimbursement, please see the District travel policy and procedure 6213.

Surplus Property Form
For questions about surplus property, please see the District surplus policy 6881.