School board members are elected to four-year terms. Each board member represents a geographic area based on the population. Maps of the director districts and a narrative description of the district boundaries are available to download on the list to the left.

The Washington State School Directors Association (WSSDA) offers leadership, advocacy and services to support public school directors' efforts to improve student learning. Helpful information for school board candidates can be found at WSSDA's website: WSSDA is hosting free candidate workshops in July.  

The Port Townsend School District Board of Directors meet twice a month (usually the second and fourth Monday) in Room S-11, Gael Stuart Building, 1610 Blaine Street.  Meetings begin at 6:00 p.m. The board may also call for an Executive Session (which is closed to the public) during the meeting.

The first meeting of the month is a Work/Study session. At this session the board will do in-depth study on a variety of topics. This format will allow more informal interaction with the audience regarding the items on the agenda. The second meeting of the month will be a regular business meeting. Action will be taken at that meeting. On months with only one board meeting (December and July) the meeting will be a regular business meeting.

Board members are interested in your thoughts and ideas on how to continuously improve our school district.

Members of the Board may be contacted via email or telephone:

 Keith White   
 Dist. 5  Nov. 2019
360 379-2272
 Connie Welch  
 Dist 1  Nov 2017 360 531-1457
 *Nathanael O'Hara
 Dist 3   Nov 2019 360 379-5175
 Jennifer James-Wilson  Dist 2  Nov 2017 360 385-7373
 Laura Tucker  Dist 4   Nov 2019  360 379-5235

* Board Chair

To address the board collectively, email can be sent to Email sent to this address will be included as correspondence on the agenda of the next board meeting. In order to appear on an agenda, all written communication (via letter or email) must be in the district office by noon on the Wednesday before the Monday meeting. (Note: The board does not accept anonymous correspondence.)

If you have questions about communicating in writing with the school board, please contact the district office at 360 379-4501.

Last Modified on May 12, 2014