Series 2000 Instruction

Series 2000

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  2000  Student Learning Goals.pdf

  2004  Accountability Goals.pdf

  2005  School Improvement Plan.pdf

  2020   Instructional Materials.pdf  2020P  Appendix B.pdf
  2020P  Procedure.pdf
  2020P Appen. A
  2020P Appen. C

  2021     Library Media Centers.pdf
  2021P   Procedure.pdf

  2022    Electronic Resources.pdf
  2022F   Forms 6-12.pdf
  2022F   Forms K-5.pdf
  2022P   Procedure.pdf

  2023     Library Weeding.pdf
  2023P   Procedure.pdf

  2024     Online Learning.pdf
  2024P   Procedure.pdf

  2025    Copyright.pdf
  2025P   Procedure.pdf

  2029    Animals at School.pdf
  2029P  Procedure.pdf

  2030    Service Animals in Schools.pdf
  2030P  Procedure.pdf
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