Professional Development

2016-2017 Professional Development Plan and Schedule
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Essential Question: How do we deepen student and adult thinking using strategies to create innovative solutions to respond to community needs?

Monthly district wide professional learning Wednesday 1:10-3pm

September 28: Design Thinking
October 26: Free Choice Learning, John Falk, PTMSC Collaboration
November 2: Real Learning and Authentic Assessment
December 14: Project Dimensions 
January 11: Project Technology Integration 
February 1: Looking at Student Project Learning (HS report card preparation)
February 15: Place-based Learning, Katy Karschney, PTMSC Collaboration
March 1: Developing Student Dispositions
May 24: Project Evaluations

Maritime Industry and Curriculum Design Sessions Summer of 2017

Three day session will include one full day of immersion, hands on experience, or collaboration with a maritime industry worksite. Two additional days will be devoted to place-based curriculum development. Twenty-one clock hours available. Dates and registration available Spring of 2017.  
Read about last summer's offerings here.